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Tokyo Free Walking Tour

at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo
What's TFWT?
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What's TFWT?

Tokyo Free Walking Tour (TFWT), registered JNTO(Japan National Tourist Organization), is a volunteer association who conducts goodwill guide activities for foreign tourists. The association is run by non-professional volunteer tour guides who agree with its purpose.



Why do we have a free walking tour?

TFWT acts for true international cultural exchange with foreigners who visit or live in Japan.

Although modern Japanese are more familiar with the rest of the world than ever, they seem to be losing their sense of traditional culture, history and mode of life. We believe that true international understanding will start from learning about our own country, and then sharing it with people from other places in the world to understand the differences among countries and regions.

With this belief in mind, we conduct a guided tour in English by volunteers for foreign tourists and residents. The tour covers sites centered on the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, talking about the history and culture of Japan. During our tour, we sometimes receive thought-provoking questions and comments from our guests that make us realize different ways of seeing the world. This helps us learn more about other people as well as about ourselves.

With the activities mentioned above, we aspire to contribute to international cultural exchange not only for foreigners but also for our own Japanese people.